Saturday, August 31, 2013

Gigantic Sunflower

The birds left  us one seed of sunflower from last year and it   grew this year taller than the one we had last year.  It has a gigantic flower now.

It's amazing how, even if  it's very tall, the small stem can hold a  huge flower on top.
Shadow Shots

8 Smart Readers SAID::

Raya said...

Whoa! that's indeed gigantic,sis! I have never seen sunflowers that big!

Olga said...

Sunflowers always remind me of UP. Right before graduation month every year, the University Avenue is lined with sunflowers. So when you're on your last year and see them starting to bloom, you better work double time in finishing your thesis. :-)

Dhadha said...

Wow, ang laki nga! Maybe it grew that tall dahil busog sa pagmamahal ng owner. Hihi. :)

Jeanne Baney said...

There were fields of them in Ohio where I used to live. I planted a few in the corner of the yard and they replanted themselves for several years! Mine never got as high as have a monster on your hands!

Sophie A. said...

Lovely captures with different shapes of shadows here and there. very nice.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I think it wants to know what's on the other side of the fence!

April M. said...

Lovely sun flower. It reminded me of a gorgeous sunflower farm we visited last year.

mommy Peachy said...

I love sunflowers! It looks so pretty!

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