Monday, August 19, 2013

Use Garden Obelisks to Create an Atmosphere of Elegance

The ever popular Mega Garden Store is the home for the outdoor lover. Here you become the tamer of the jungle and ruler of the landscape and all that grows, this is your domain. You can visit the stores website here at, the Mega Garden Store, where you can also view three models of their beautiful, ready to erect Obelisks.

Each unit is constructed of solid steel bars, not tubes; they are designed to withstand the rigors of many years of wear and tear outside, exposed to the elements without failing. Nearly all of the garden accessories, offered by the Mega Garden Store, are made of steel which is coated in a black polyester paint after crafting.

The paint offers a rust resistant cloak for the steel contained within. The color black has been effectively used so the item’s color does not detract from the beauty of the flowers and plants in the garden. All the parts necessary for assembly are included in the package prior to shipping. The Obelisks come in three sizes to suit your specific requirements.

They range in height from six feet in height to the tallest one standing at a towering eight feet tall. Obelisks are ideal for training tall plants during growth, so that they can be grown in an orderly manner; sometimes they are used to give the viewer a perception of height against, a back-drop of, an otherwise relatively flat landscape.

Some creative gardeners have centered the Obelisk in a larger container, thereby adding more height to the arrangement and again increasing the focal-point of the viewer. The Mega Garden Store has a well designed website detailing Obelisks and many other garden products. Here they have been conveniently cataloged. A complete listing of their wide range of items, along with the weights and measurements of each item, making it easy for you to find whatever your outdoor needs may be.

You will find other features like garden ornaments, plant supports, arches and obelisks, tunnels, greenhouses, netting, mesh, sprays, fertilizers, raised bed kits, and many other items. A more diverse range you are unlikely to find. The Mega Garden Store is located at, Unit 1, Arrowe Commercial Park, Arrowe Brook Road, Upton, Wirral Merseyside, CH49 1AB.

The Mega Garden Store offers an online Support Centre which explains how to order and arrange shipping online. Payment methods and warranties are also set out there, visit this address for any information or support that you may need.

Written by Chris Broadchurch for Mega Garden Store

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bonnie holt said...

I will have to try this I am always looking for new ways to add to my yard and garden Thank you

betchai said...

I love this, add some more beauty to a garden

Teresa Martinez said...

This is quite an interesting garden accessory. I think I'll consider adding one to ours in the near future.

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