Monday, August 5, 2013

Moon in her Palm

I have never done this before but I tried to capture photos of my daughter trying to grab the moon.  I still have to learn how to do this   right but for now, here  are what we came up with.
The distance of the moon and the hand is not quite near but good enough for the first try.

4 Smart Readers SAID::

Mai said...

Great shot for first try and the model's smile is contagious!

Unknown said...

cute shot.:) i wish i could make my kids pose like that. lol

Mel Cole said...

you got it right man sis :) so cute! the key is the model.

lencilicious said...

Love the shot. We do this most of the time and it always burst me to laughing because it took us few shots to finally got what we want.

You and Ms. Burrito will perfect it in short time.

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