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7 Uses for Vinegar in the Household

Vinegar is common in most household kitchen across the UK and the world. It is perfect for your salad and fish and chips. However did you know it is a product that has multiple uses?  The following list has been created by Butlers. They have searched the web to bring you 5 ways vinegar can be used throughout the home. 
  1. Peel off Wallpaper
Image via The Old House

Make stripping the wallpaper more easy. You can use a sponge or a spray bottle and mix the vinegar with water.  Apply to the wall and leave for several minutes then start scraping the walls!

2. Killing off the Weeds
Image via Versatile Vinegar

Spray the full strength white distilled vinegar on top of the weeds. Repeat on any new weeds until the plants have starved.

3. Clean Paint Brushes 
If you haven’t painted for a while and the next time you come to the painting job you realize you had forgotten to clean the brushes. Now there is no need to panic! You can head to the kitchen to grab the vinegar. Add the paint brushes in a pan of vinegar and soak for an hour or so. After this you need to bring the vineger to boil and simmer for a few minutes, cool then remove the brushes and gently comb the brush with your fingers to remove the attached paint. 

4.  Cleaning the Showerhead
Image via SFGate

Taking a shower with a clogged up showerhead can be a very frustrating experience. Not to worry there is no need to call out the plumber. All you need to do is remove the showerhead and submerge in about 1 pint of distilled vinegar and let it soak for around 2 to 3 hours. After which you need to scrub with an old toothbrush focusing on the clogged holes. After this has been removed ensure you rinse the showerhead thoroughly with cold water before reattaching.

5. Clean off wax or polish build up 
Image via ThriftyFun

Now you can help restore the wood furniture in your home. With use of vinegar and water it will help remove wax and polish build up by wiping the grain of the wood. You can also use this cleaning method on leather furniture by using more water and less vinegar.

6. Whitening Grout 
Image via eHow

For those stubborn stains on those tiles in the bathroom. You can get rid of them by using vinegar and a toothbrush. You need to add a small amount of vinegar to the toothbrush although be sure to test the surface first, as the vinegar may harm marble or natural stones surfaces.

7. Remove Rust from your Tools
Image via DIY Life

Soak your rusty tools in vinegar for a few days. After a couple of days rinse the tools with water and watch rust disappear.

We hope you enjoyed these tips on using vinegar around the household. Maybe you knew them already? Let us know in the comments for other uses for vinegar you have found useful around the home.

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Olga said...

No home should be without vinegar! You can use it not only for cooking (especially adobo) but also for cleaning. It's inexpensive, effective, and cheap. What more could you ask for?

lencilicious said...

That's why I love vinegar. It has so many uses. I use it too as household cleaner.

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