Friday, August 16, 2013

Making the Most of a Small Bathroom

These days, space is at a real premium. Our cities are becoming more crowded and homes are being squashed into smaller spaces. Even if you’re lucky enough to live in a bigger home, you might still find that your bathroom is a little cramped. However, having a small bathroom doesn’t mean it can’t be a fantastic space, so check out our tips for making the most of this room and how you can create the illusion of more space.
{caption}Firstly, opt for a compact bathroom suite. It sounds obvious, but so many people choose to fill up the limited space they have with bulky baths and big sinks which decrease the spare floorspace in the room and make it feel cramped. Fortunately, petite bathroom furnishings are very popular and there are lots of stylish designs available at the moment.

Many people with smaller bathrooms think that there isn’t space for a bath, and resign themselves to years without a nice relaxing soak after work. However, this just isn’t true. Even if none of the full walls in the room seem large enough to place a bath, you can still opt for an elegant corner bath to take advantage of the diagonal dimension so you can still get a full-sized bath in. This can then be combined with a detachable shower head for days you want a speedy shower.

Something lots of people don’t consider is the idea of a wetroom. A shower cubicle can take up precious room and it can be hard to find a suitable location where you will be able to open the door comfortably. A wetroom removes the burden on the space, and means you can still get your shower but with a lot more room to move around. As long as the drainage system is properly installed and the floor tiles are fully waterproof, this could be an ideal solution.

One of the trends for bathroom sinks is to go for a ‘floating’ model where the sink appears to jut out from the wall with no support underneath it. This means there is space under the sink for storage, such as a laundry basket or a small shelving unit so you can keep all your shampoos, shower gels and soaps in one place so that they don’t clutter up the room. The windowsill can also be used as storage space, or you can install shelves further up the walls to get things off the floor.

Cora Clarkson is an interior designer who regularly blogs about making the most of tight spaces

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