Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hosta Blossoms

I love hosta, they are beautiful  to use as boarders in your garden.  They are pretty hardy.  These herbaceous perennial plants are very easy to grow and   requires very low maintenance.  

I have two kinds of hostas in my garden but dunno exactly what  kinds are they.  I am just certain for one thing, they are beautiful and bumble bees loves them!

4 Smart Readers SAID::

Mel Cole said...

Got lots of hostas too! They're easy to grow :D Yours are beautiful sis! I see that you're in macro photography na..

Rebecca said...

you have such beautiful flowers

Olga said...

They are beautiful! You did a great job taking those pictures. :-)

riablahgs said...

Oh, it's so lovely! I think if it's low maintenance, I can probably give it a shot. I'll see if I can get a potted one here in Ace Center.

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