Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Exploring the Beach and Ocean

I posted some photos of our getaway in the Ohio side  during  my daughter's  8th birthday.  We had so much fun even though the time was not enough to really enjoy the beach.  We spent like a couple of hours in the museum  as part of our educational tour for the kids during summer and  we headed to the beach afterwards.  I tell you, the kids love the road trip so much!

My husband said that we should do it again next year but  plan to  stay a night or two in the  beach area just so we could enjoy it more.    
I grew up in one of the coastal area in the Philippines and I love going to the ocean almost everyday.  It is something that I want  my kids to enjoy but unfortunately, we live in a place where it is  far from the ocean so we want to exert more effort in   exploring some places that has beaches like Ohio and Pennsylvania since Maryland and Florida is a bit far from us.
Taken in  Corpus Cristi, Texas
 I hope that we can do more  fun  exploration  in the water side next year when the kids  school is done for the school year.

7 Smart Readers SAID::

MikiHope said...

If you live close to Delaware there are lots of beaches there as well! I found this out when I was visiting a friend there. There is nothing quite like spending a day at the beach.

Rebecca said...

gorgeous i love the beach

Hobbies on a Budget said...

We love doing road trips and museums like you too! What a gorgeous beach day for the family.

Nova said...

So lucky to be near the beach, you can go anytime you want, i'm missing those times. too bad we only have lakes around ny state.

jheylo said...

It's nice to cool down in the beach during summer. You sure had a blast summer vacation.

Mel Cole said...

I miss the ocean too. Oh man, the most delicious fresh ocean goods I have tasted here in US are right there in New Jersey. If only it's not too far away. hehe That beach looks nice sis.

mommy Peachy said...

I wish it's already summer so we can go to the beach!

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