Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What to Expect from Military Housing in Jacksonville

Military housing by definition is basically a free house for families of military personnel. Whether the soldier is in the army, navy, air force, or marines; as long as he or she has a family, legitimate members can avail of the free housing. Furthermore, considering the hundreds of thousands of soldiers signing-up each year, there would be not enough housing for all the families of all the soldiers. Because of this an adjacent fund is made to the housing program that provides a housing allowance for the families of those soldiers who failed to avail of the housing. Thus, those soldiers who are still on the waiting list for housing program need not worry because their families can still live in a house wherein everything is paid for.

Military houses are well maintained and the neighborhood is reminiscent of a suburban community. In fact phone, cable, and internet service are provided. The following should be the main qualities of military family houses:

What would you expect from a house that is nestled in a neighborhood within an army base? No less than military-level security. As safety is a top-priority when searching for a place to live in, these housing units readily provide the military personnel with a peace-of-mind knowing that their wives and their children are in safe hands. In addition, not only is the safety due to a consequential presence of a military base, there is also a 24-hour surveillance of the neighborhood. Now, that is what anyone would call security.

Zero cost
The military housing units do not require the soldier to pay a portion of the cost to live in such houses. All the basic expenditure—food, water, electricity, gas, and maintenance—are paid-for by the government. On the other hand, additional expenses such as cable, phone, and internet service, are expenditures that the soldier and his family will have to pay themselves.

Very satisfactory living space
The size of these houses, in fairness, are on-average. If you consider their status as being free, you would expect a small and equally sided house, but the actual house that military families live in can range from being a two bedroom house to a 5 bedroom house.

Quality schools nearby
Considering its location, children of military families living in the housing units located in Jacksonville can enjoy high-quality education. Schools like Stanton Prep or Paxon are just two of the many schools to choose from.

Recreational activities
Jacksonville offers a wide array of recreational activities. The most commonly of which is going to the beach. Jacksonville offers beautiful beaches, which provides those who visit them with activities such as surfing, fishing, beach sports, and more. So, in a sense, the families won’t have to miss their deployed soldier because there are plenty things to do in and around the city.

You will find that the families of our country’s heroes are well taken care of. They are housed in quality homes that reside in safe and secure neighborhoods. Especially those living in Jacksonville can provide their children with top-class education and a wide array of activities.

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