Friday, September 20, 2013

e-Collar for Dogs

Dog training collars have a gained a lot of popularity. These devices allow you to solve behavioral problems and train your dogs to do almost anything. They basically send electric signals to the dog’s neck through his collar. The signal can be set either by a remote control or by an electric fence sensor in the ground. Also known as remote training collars, these accessories are available in a wide range of colors and styles. Some are designed for basic obedience training around the house, while others have advanced features.
Our Jack Russel Terrier who barks a lot.  I need one of this e-collar..
Benefits of Electronic Collars

E-collars provide simple and effective correction-based training for your dog. Some models work on all dog breeds and coat lengths. These devices have three basic components, including a collar receiver, a handheld remote transmitter, and collar probes. They are most commonly used for off-leash training. Pet owners can use remote trainers to teach dogs to stay away from dangerous objects, keep them inside the property, and stop them from barking.

These devices give trainers the ability to communicate with their dogs at considerable distance. They are ideal for those who don’t have the strength and physical coordination required to handle a dog. E-collars help reduce behavioral issues and control the dog’s instinctive desire to chase animals, eat food from strangers, and attack poisonous snakes.

Are E-Collars Safe?

Most people can achieve the desired results using extremely low levels of stimulation. These devices cause no harm to your dog. E collar training is safe and convenient. The latest remote trainers are waterproof and feature over 100 stimulation levels, easy-to-use dial for quick adjustments, night tracking lights, LCD screen, and rechargeable batteries. 

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Puppy training classes Auckland said...

Very interesting info! Perfect just what I was looking for! Thanks for share..

riablahgs said...

When I got Millie, she was barking like bloody murder ALL-THE-TIME that I got scared because the neighbors might complain and I had to give her up. I considered getting the e-collar but I can't remember why I changed my mind. It's been great ever since and she has barked lesser now. She was just adjusting to her new environment.

I am thinking of getting one in the future for the additional "baby" if hubby decides to adopt another dog to keep Millie and my daughter company. :)

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