Thursday, September 5, 2013

Organic Cleaning Products with Green Choice

This week has been so busy and a bit stressful  for my family.  Aside from the kids  getting sick, I also have to attend to some important matters.  We did not go anywhere  last weekend because I was dealing with severe dysmenorrhea.  Despite the pain I  was feeling, I had to clean our home and get rid of  any allergen-carrying-disease.   I wish that I could hire  a company like green carpet cleaning in Brooklyn so they could thoroughly clean our home.  With the allergy season rolling in and with the school year have started, the kids  are the constant  victim of sickness.

Hubby and I are  planning to buy a new  vacuum because he thinks that our old one is not cleaning the carpet enough.  For me, it still does the job but he is probably right.  For the sake of my kids  health, I would spend  more to get the better  vacuum than using the old one.  For those of you who doesn't have time to clean your home because of a hectic schedule at work, you can always hire a company like Green Choice.  They uses  organic and natural  cleaning products to make sure that you and your family are free from  harm of  strong chemicals in cleaners.

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riablahgs said...

I would love to hire their service too sis. I think we can use some organic cleaning in the house. If they can only do service here in Dubai, I'm sure that a lot of expats will hire them.

Unknown said...

I have tried a few organic cleaning products. They are really good and not as harsh to the health like the ones with chuck full of chemicals.

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