Thursday, September 19, 2013

5 Ways To Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean This Summer

Besides regular cleaning of your pool water, there are many other aspects of pool maintenance you need to take care of during the hot summer months. To assist pool owners dying to jump into their pool, here are five sure-fire ways to keep your swimming pool clean this summer. And the best thing is that all of these tips are really simple and most of them are free of charge!


It is extremely important to clean the exterior of an above ground pool, even if only minimal maintenance is completed. Weeding around the outside of the pool should be done carefully, as you need to be mindful of the type of weed eater you use. It is also important to stay clear of scratching the metal walls while weeding, as any obstruction can cause rust that may weaken the structure of the wall.

Clear debris

Regardless of the type of pool you own, be it above ground or in ground, you need to ensure the cleanliness of the area around the outside of the pool. It is important to routinely sweep leaves and other objects, and make sure they stay out of the pool. Many people pay hundreds of dollars on chlorine products, so it is important to keep as much debris away from the pool as possible.

Empty your skimmer baskets and clean your sand filer

Remember to empty your skimmer baskets as regularly as possible, to prevent blockage and assist with helping the filter work more effectively. This can be done with a simple cost effective garden hose.  If you use a sand filer, it is extremely necessary to clean your filter to remove excess sediment and contaminants from the sand. There are many products available at your local pool store that are cost effective and easy to use.

Routinely clean your blades in a salt-water chlorine generator

If you are using a salt-water chlorine generator, it is important to check and clean the blades every thirty days. Make sure you check that the red flow light or flow meter is reading at its correct setting, otherwise your generator blades may be at risk of producing little or no chlorine. To do so, check that the pump is off and clean the blades properly, as instructed in the manual. If in doubt, call you nearest pool service technician for advice.

Keep your pool clear of algae

It is important to keep animals, vegetation, and chemicals away from your pool that could contribute to a build-up of algae. Bird dropping and animal waste contain nitrates can also add to the corrosion of your pool. A good way to prevent this is going to companies like Fabric Solutions Australia to get your pool fitted with a cover so when it’s not in use you can cover it up and protect it from the elements.

These five suggestions are fool proof ways to keep your swimming pool clean this summer. With such little inexpensive maintenance required, just about anyone can keep their pool clear from expensive repair or replacement bills, and can focus on simply relaxing with a cool drink in the hot summer sun.

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