Friday, September 13, 2013

Getting your Garden Prepared for Winter

Winter time is fast arriving and for those with a love of gardening this means that there is plenty to do and prepare for the incoming season.
Autumn is a busy time in the garden – from clearing away the dying plants, crops and weeds. A lot of people tend to just leave things until spring – however it’s a mistake that you may rue in six months’ time. So, here are some tips on how to prepare your garden for the cold.

Your greenhouse becomes very important in the winter time and so keeping it clean and allowing what little light there is into the area is all important. So, clear out anything that’s causing light to be blocked and then clean the glass and the windows with some water. Gutters need to be cleaned too and trapped leaves cause all sorts of problems on the greenhouse roof. All smashed glass should also be replaced now too.

You should also tackle the inside of the greenhouse now and remove any dead plants or anything else that’s decaying. This prevents disease in the area and also pests flourishing. Disinfectant can be a good idea to use here and will kill anything you don’t want in there.

Annuals should now also be removed and placed in the compost. Autumn is also the best time to remove plants and place them elsewhere – especially perennials. Be aware that some perennials only come into their own now too, so perhaps wait until these seed before moving. When this is done, clean the borders and then lay some compost and some bark chips across them and let the feeding of the soil begin.

The Lawn
At we'd also say that the lawn also needs to get a little bit of a push during this time of the year and you will need to remove the thatch from the top of the garden. Then spread compost with a fine rake across the lawn. If there is too much moss you may require a specialist product. Hiring an aerator here can help with drainage and aerate the lawn, thereby improving health. Add a sand top dressing to improve drainage and also to feed the lawn.

If you have compost bins then now is the time to clean them too. This is often left over from last year and making room now will give you a head start on next year. If compost is okay but not quite ready, then turn it to help it along.

Now is the time to plant evergreen plants. These are often overlooked but they truly help the garden along through the year and especially the winter. Autumn is the perfect time to place these in borders and in time you’ll have nice glossy leaves all year round. Try Daphne or if looking for a shrub Fatsia – these provide very attractive foliage in the garden and coverage during winter.

Now is also the time to maintain equipment to ensure that it’s up to scratch for next year. Have your lawnmower serviced, sharpen your tools and clean and disinfect other garden tools and allow them to dry before oiling them and putting them away. If you have tools with wooden handles then use linseed oil to keep them protected.

Cormac Reynolds is a lover of writing and also of gardening. He has worked for a number of sites in both these areas.

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Andrea said...

Great tips. I don't really have a garden or anything, but I wish to soon, so this is good stuff to know.

Unknown said...

thanks for such an informative post.I too love to garden

Rebecca said...

i wish i could grow a garden

Michele D said...

I thought about growing a garden here but the wild animals would get to it before anything can grown. I do however have some lovely plants around my home.

Pinx said...

I don't have a garden! I wish I have one here! It would really be nice!

Taty said...

Great tips!
For now I am focussing in getting plants survive hurricane season although it has been pretty calm thus far

Raye said...

Helpful tips indeed! I don't have a garden here in Bangkok since we are living in a townhouse and it's not possible. I am looking forward to have one when we get back to the Philippines, though!

Unknown said...

We plan to clear our garden before winter too.

Mel Cole said...

Oh man, time to pack up the garden, yes. I still have to wait for my carrots :D

jheylo said...

Wonderful tips especially to those household who have yard and garden.

Tingting R. said...

I see your garden in the background. It looks like you are growing plenty of vegies. That's nice.

mommy Orkid Belle said...

We always clean up our garden before winter. It is something we do to prepare the soil for the next garden season. I sure miss our huge garden. I plan on having a little box garden here at our newly rented house for the next season. :) I love gardening and I miss it a lot. Great article!

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