Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lifestyle Animal

When we were still living in the place where my father was born and raised, we live in a farm.  My father used to take care of rice field and it was a lot of fun for me.  When we moved to my mother's place, it was a big adjustment for my father as he was not used to  fishing.  My mother was born and raised in a coastal area in the Philippines so  it was a bit different  for my father and  kids.  Seeing this website that provides  top quality farm animals and pet food reminds me of my childhood.  Although we did not have a horse, but we had  carabaos or water buffalo and chicken. Auckland, New Zealand seems like a place that I can live in without any problem. Just like anywhere else, they also have local stores that provides   horse supplements or buy horse supplements online.  Lifestyle Animal is one of the companies that provide any kind of farm and pet  supplies in Auckland.

My kids seldom see  animals like  chicken, unless of course we go to the zoo but every time they  get the chance, I let them enjoy it.  Just like when we  left our dogs to a kennel, the owner has chicken in his  yard and  he let the kids  see them.  You can just see the joy  that they wear in their face  while trying to  play with the chicken.  I wonder where the owner buys  his  pet and animal supplies?

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