Thursday, September 19, 2013

Unique Details that Create Design Drama

Everyone knows that designs that pop and stand out create a more dramatic impact on the psyche than those that may be beautiful, but bland. Design drama is something that all good designers strive to create, but that few homeowners know how to add into their own home (Source: unique art designs from Anne Thull). By trying too hard, an over-the-top design scheme can be considered ostentatious, not pleasantly dramatic, and that’s a world of difference when it comes to good taste. If you don’t have an artistic eye, it’s time to borrow one when you’re thinking of redoing your home décor.

A Good Artist Creates Instant Drama
Ever notice how a good piece of artwork can change the atmosphere of a room? That’s because good artists tap into emotional responses and create drama where there was none. It doesn’t even have to be a painting. Bronze sculptures can be placed in niches, tabletops, and even in the garden to add just that little extra artistic emphasis in a space. Some artists are also inspired to create unique design elements that other people may not have thought of, but that instantly transform a room at minimal cost. You don’t have to know a thing about home décor to be able to pick up some beautiful and dramatic pieces to add to your home.

The Romance of Candle Sleeves
Keep your eye out for creations like glass candle sleeves. These sleeves are placed over electric candelabra to create the visual impact of melting candle wax. It can transform utilitarian electric candelabra into an Old World beauty instantly. Candle light is well known for its ability to create mood lighting that is dramatic and romantic at the same time. However, when you are trying to create the same effect without the actual flame and melting wax, the result becomes a bland copy of the real thing. Artists that create candle sleeves can get the right look and feel with home décor accessories that remind you why you wanted that electric copy of a candelabrum in the first place. While it may seem a tiny detail, it’s often the smallest details put exactly in the right place that can create that wow factor in your interior design.

Alex Thompson is the author of this article about unique art designs. He is an experienced painting, graphic designer and photographer. Alex has collaborated with many art galleries on special projects and loves to write about his experience

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