Thursday, September 19, 2013

3 Grey Skin Disorders

There are many different grey skin disorders that can be found among individuals all over the world. These skin disorders mainly result due to a lack in oxygenated blood; the blood carries oxygen throughout the body and when it gets disrupted, a greyish skin is the result.

If you have a lack of oxygen in the body your skin can become blue or grey in color and this can also cause other health problems too. It can indicate other underlying issues and in severe cases it might indicate a medical emergency. In some cases a grey color can even indicate the later stages of a disease like cancer; which is why it is important to know the differences.

When a patient is in the late states of organ failure, grey skin is not uncommon as blood flow slows down. This can be due to congestive  heart failure, kidney disease, iron storage disease or terminal cancer. Some conditions of the skin can be treated while others can’t. However, if you see someone with a pale blue or grey completion and the person is stressed, get them immediate help.

Cardiac Tamponade
Cardiac TamponadeCardiac tamponade is a very serious issue in which the blood fills the area in the heart that falls between the heart muscle and the sac that encloses it. This places pressure on the heart and it can reduce the heart’s ability to expand properly; this means that the heart cannot pump enough blood to the rest of the body and this can lead to organ failure and shock. Cardiac tamponade is very serious and is considered a medical emergency that should receive immediate attention.

EmphysemaEmphysema is a condition that occurs in the lungs, usually in people who smoke. It can also be caused as a result of inhaling irritants, and this disease destroys the air sacs in the lungs. This reduces the amount of oxygen tat van be taken in, and it also causes the lungs to lose their elasticity. Emphysema is unfortunately irreversible, but there are treatment options available that can slow its progress.

PeritonitisThe thin layer of tissue that covers most of your organs inside your abdomen is called the peritoneum. When this gets inflammation, its referred to as peritonitis. This inflammation can  be caused by a bacterial infection nor an injury of the abdomen; it can also be due to an existing medical condition. This is a serious medical condition that requires immediate care. Antibiotics are usually used to treat the infection and surgery might sometimes be needed too. If not treated promptly, it can be deadly.

There are many different health issues that can cause gray skin disorders, especially since the majority of these causes a reduction in the amount of oxygen that circulates throughout the blood. This is why it is so important to make sure that you are familiar with these causes, so that medical attention can be obtained when needed. Always consult with your physician if you are not sure about your symptoms. is a popular resource that offers expert health advice from qualified professionals and experienced contributors. Find out more about grey skin disorders from

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