Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Improve the Warmth of Your Home with Green Deal

We have three days left and the Summer is bidding good bye. It feels like Autumn here already. We have been having chilly weather since the beginning of September. I do hope and pray that we would have a mild Winter this year. It is tough when we have a bad Winter because the kids ends up getting sick all the time. I feel like staying  at home most of the time when it is freezing outside.  Well, can you blame me?  I was born and raised from the  tropical country and coming in the four-season country was a  huge adjustment for me.  I am getting a lot better now though.  
Cold weather  means  dealing with proper heating in every home.  The proper insulation that you have in your home or business, the   better  savings you will get with your  bills.  I read  an article  in a blog where United Kingdom  has  this program where you can avail such as the The Green Deal Scheme.  The Green Deal aims to  help  homeowners and business owners to save money on energy.    There is also an Insulation grants uk that  homeowners  or  business owners can apply to.  
I wonder if this kind of program is being offered here in the States?  I have never heard of it here so I doubt it.  It would be nice though if they do offer it.  You can improve the warmth of your  home by using the grant that government offers for homeowners.  As I have mentioned, I am from the tropics and having a warmth  home during Winter times is a must for me.  My husband bought us  two portable heaters because  me and my daughter are always cold even though the centralized heater is running.
Lucky are those UK residents as there are  grants that they could avail  to have their  home  insulated  through the program that Green Deal has to offer.  If you are a UK resident and would like to find out more about the program that Green Deal has, check them out by visiting the links provided in this post.   Green Deal would keep you warm!

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