Saturday, September 7, 2013

New Zealand

I have a friend back ho,me whose husband's Mom  is living in New Zealand.  They used to tell  us how beautiful New Zealand is.  When my husband was retiring from the service, he was looking at  some jobs  in the said country.  In fact, he was contacted by one of the recruiters in New Zealand and was  presenting some job opportunities to my husband.  We were  entertaining the idea because we want to  experience new adventure but then our children   love it  here so we did not pursue it.  

I was suddenly reminded of that possibility when I read  and stumbled  upon the  Tyres Auckland and the  different selection of Mag and Tyres - Shock Absorbers.  These things are important if you want to  drive around and enjoy the beautiful   country.  Just by looking at the  Holiday Homes nz, makes me wish that I could   spend  some time off  in New Zealand, it would be  a great experience.   

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lencilicious said...

One of my dream destination is New Zealand. Hope someday, I can set my foot in such lovely place.

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