Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sled Ride

My daughter miss sled riding in the snow during winter. We used to do it at my Dad's side yard , you know something to do in the winter instead of just sitting inside the house and be bored to death. Here in the land of the morning calm, we don't have such fun. I mean they do have place where you can go snow board and ski but it's far from our place, so it's now worth dragging the kids in cold like especially here. When we showed this picture to Rylie, she remembered the sled that my father made when I was still a kid which my Mom kept in our basement garage.

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Mommy Liz said...

That's fun..When we were in New York, there was a place to go sled riding at my in laws yard, but here in TN, there is no enough snow.. People get so scared if the ground would be white.. They don't even sell sleds at Walmart, can you imagine that???

Grace said...

Hi Joops, the picture is so awesome. Father playing with his daughter. God bless you.
It is my first winter here, but I don't like going out too much. It is very cold for me that I can't stay out for too long. :(

Cecile said...

wow, what a nice picture with Ryliie!

am sure this year you will enjoy snow again when you get back here in ,West, VA :-)

thanks for dropping by, btw!

Tiff said...

Cute snow here in VA yet! Looking forward to getting a little..just a

Madz said...

Hi Joops, added this blog of yours in my 3 blogs..hope you'll add back, would appreciate it!!

Thanks, see you around...

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