Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Matching Outfit

I noticed that Moms like to put clothes that are alike with their daughters. My sister did that with her daughter too, now I see it with my wife and daughter hehehe. As our daughter is growing up, she likes to buy clothes that she sees her mom wears.

Just like this matching coat that they are wearing, she told her Mom one time "How I wish I have a coat like you Mom" and the next thing I know, my wife was looking for a coat similar to hers hehehe.. We bought our daughter's coat at Gap Baby.

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pchi said...


they really have matching outfits

I love the coats

now, I am thinking of having a daughter. haha.

oh no, hehe.... maybe not too soon

Anonymous said...

In a moment of inspiration, I got suits stitched from the same fabric for my son and me. This was for his sixteenth birthday. When the big day arrived, both of us wore those suits, with matching shirts and ties and got our photograph taken. That was the only occasion that he ever wore that suit. Not because of any other reason, but he started outgrowing it almost immediately!

Cecile said...

like mother like daughter that's for sure, joops ;-) cute!

Anonymous said...

wow nice i love the coat

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