Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Something to Cherish

I was digging through our photographs stored in our PC and I found these snapshots taken when we went to Peansacola Florida 2 years ago (February of 2006). Our daughter was only 7 months old here.

This one was taken in Pensacola Beach.

Taken inside the hotel we stayed (I forgot the name hehehe)

Taken inside the Naval Museum

Taken in Atlanta Airport

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chubskulit said...

Mukhang bata pa ako dito ah hehehe... Thanks for postng Hon, luvya!

iceah said...

so cute and cuddly daughter you have there c: what's her name? c:

U.Lee said...

Hi Joops, you sure got one real cute daughter...beauty runs in the family, huh?
Hey, you doing some bodybuilding? You have a one of those Mr Universe body, ha ha.

Ahhh, been meaning to enquire, my usual busybody self again, why you called, 'Joops'? Your wife gave you that cute name? I like it, ha ha.

Nice pics Joops....love that 1st pic with those huge trres...
and with your two SYT's (sweet young things, ha ha).
By the way, pop over if free, got someting interesting for you, have a nice day, Joops, Lee.

Joops said...

Hello iceah, her name is Rylie.. Thank you for the compliment!

Joops said...

Thanks Lee. Bodybuilding? I used too but now just regular exercise.

Joops is actually what my daughter called her brother hehehe..

Thanks a lot men for dropping by, will go there later..

amiable amy said...

I like Pensacola. Beautiful beaches really.

Joops said...

hello amy, yeah there's a lot of beautiful beaches out there!

Joops said...

wondering why im saving all these messages from chat box? Well, I don't want them to diappear hahaha..

8 Oct 08, 23:51
amiable amy: i enjoyed looking at your family pictures...very lovely baby

8 Oct 08, 23:12
dhemz: she's adorable..remenishing!

8 Oct 08, 21:42
cecile: your baby girl is so cute , byw, you are welcome, thanks also for visiting often regards to rose

8 Oct 08, 04:50
iceah: lovely daughter you have c: and a lovely post c: thanx for the visits c:

Borneo Falcon said...

Hi! i had add your link in my blog list. Have a nice day

Joops said...

Thanks a lot BF, added u too!

Gem said...

Cute kid. Lovely place! Thanks for sharing those digs, because I've never been to that place.

Asian Traveler said...

A happy family indeed! :)

Joops said...

My pleasure Gem and thanks for the compliment. Don't worry, you'll soon reach those places..

Joops said...

Thank you asian traveler... Hope to see you come back again!

Asian Traveler said...

Hello joops thanks for the comment. Btw, I've added you already. Please link me as "asiantraveler" - http://www.theasiantraveler.com

Joops said...

Hello Asiantraveler, thanks for linking me.. I'll add you up right now!

Gem said...

I could just hope. I've taken no steps to reach those places. Probably not my destiny.

I'd have to rely by chance.

Anonymous said...

she's so cutie Lil girl have a great night

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