Friday, January 9, 2009


These pictures were taken when we went for our summer vacation in Osan on August 30-September 1st of last year. You probably read a post about it in my wife's blog. I just want to share this quiet moment we had with our son. He acted like reading the Bible to us.Our daughter tried to take away the Bible from him but he cried so she gave it back and EJ continues to scan pages to pages. I thought that it was neat and a priceless moment for us..

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Cecile2 said...

it is indeed a moment to cherish to see my son reads book, even though he can't read yet :-) aren't they adorable? anyway, thanks for the visit, have a nice day!

Joops said...

Hi Cecille, yeah every single moment we are spending with our children is worth valuing for.. We have to enjoy it...

iceah said...

i like the way my son imitates reading a book too c:

funny and cute c:

Joops said...

Yeah I agree with you Iceah, kids are adorable when they imitate stuff.. Take care!

caryn said...

heehee. love your son's pout ;-) so cute!

faye said...

maybe joop (ej) wanted to become a priest! hihi

pchi said...

wow! he looks cute here

as if he's reading it! haha
cute little john (jr)

Weng F. said...

you've got adorable kids.
Nice to see children, who pretend how to read even they can't read yet.Their brain are working good more than what we thought :)

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