Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shaolin Hair

This picture was taken when our daughter was 9 months old. My wife is very good when it comes to captivating photos like this one. We called this one the Shaolin Baby Hair lol..

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Filthy room said...

it looks so cute....My nephews have that kind of fotos too.

iceah said...

hey! this is way too cute c:

faye said...

kaulok man si rye
keep this photo in the future.
rye has full of muslce did u see it pading john?---

amiable amy said...

very cute and funny...

Joops said...

Comment posted on 4 Oct 08, 02:41 by
dhemz at my shoutbox: hahhaha...I love the pic from the sink...I took one for my daughter when she was at her age..funny

Malou said...

hahaha this picture is really funny. I wonder how rose manage to take a picture on this situation hehehe

Joops said...

Hi Sunny, yeah my wife is a camera tricker.. She love capturing those candid moments..

Joops said...

Thanks Iceah!

^_^ Yeah, she is a tough lil' girl.. I use to tell my wife that i will train her to be abody builder but Rose says "HECK NO!" lol..

Joops said...

Thanks Amy and Demcy..

^_^When it comes to capturing photos, you can ask Rose about it Malou, she's very good.. Which I like because it is saving our kids memories for us to enjoy in the future..

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