Saturday, January 31, 2009

Being Far from Home

When I completed my tour in Guam, I chose an assignment close to home so we could spend time with my Dad. We lived with Dad for about a year and we saw great change with his health, he got so energetic again. My sister Crystal told us when we arrived that Dad wasn't doing well when my Mom died but when lived there he changed. I thought that they would just let me stay until I retire but I was wrong. We're relocated again here which is far from Dad and I feel bad that I have to be away from him now that he is old. It's hard to be elderly in the States, they felt so alone because their kids have their own family. That is why even if we bought a house there, we see to it that we visit him everyday after I go home from work, makes him happy seeing our children. But now every time we call him on the phone, he always say things like he might not make it till we go back there. Getting us worried here. I hope and pray that we could still make up the time with him.
This picture was taken we were living at Dad's. Rylie was only 5 months old here..

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Cecile said...

it is so true, joops; even my parents and in-laws gets very lonely. my father in laws became very lonely and depressed when we moved here in Virginia.

hope your Dad will feel better and that you will enjoy each other again this year.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Oh boy stay cool and be patient!

Umma said...

Its so sad to hear about your Dad.. Yeah, its very true once your partner already passed away and you remained alone in this world. You will be damn lonely and alone.

Hopefully you will be able to move back here in US very soon so your Dad will be able to gain back his old self who is jolly and cheerful. Actually, it helps a lot when you have a company inside your home. someone you can talk to or just hang around.

I guess your sister should visit him often.

Dhemz said...

you're FIL is like that too...that is why he goes to church everyday to keep himself busy...I am sure he will be glad when he will live with you guys soon...:)

pchi said...

I've read from an article somewhere that a man's life is lengthened because of his wife

anyway, to cheer your dad up, please send him pictures of you and your family everyday :D

rummuser said...

Joop, I found the same thing happen to my father the past almost two months that he has been with us. He is particularly happy with his grand son and does not miss any opportunity to spend a few moments with him whenever the latter is at home. His health has visibly improved as has his appetite and frame of mind. I too hope that he has plenty of this in his life.

amiable amy said...

ohhh....this is really a heart breaker...

he is just sad and lonesome joops...

That is why, we moved here in MS because of these reasons.

My father in law is very energetic and he is so happy right now that we are here.It adds the years.

Anyway, i hope he will hang on to see you all when you come back. Constant communication helped a lot, so, just call him frequently.

adelfa said...

wish your dad will get well soon, just enjoy your life.he will understand,dont forget to give him a call always.

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