Wednesday, January 21, 2009


As I was getting near with my retirement, I have so many worries about my kids. What if there's no good paying job available for me out there. I know that when you are a retired service man, you have the preference over others in getting a job but it doesn't mean that it will pay you enough for your family's needs. Whew, I have so many what ifs. But I am keeping my faith that He will guide me through this.

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Gem said...

That's an uncertainty. But I'm sure your pension's got you covered.

It is a more saddening thought for the veterans here in the Philippines. They are not even given enough after they had served in the military.

Anonymous said...

Joop, when you say retirement, and I use the same word, we mean two completely different things. If you will really take retirement, I shall doff my topi for you and congratulate you.

Retirement from the Armed Forces, is vastly different from civilian occupations. You are so young and so much is ahead of you that you are sure to find some great times ahead of you. I am fairly confident of that as you have been very practical and have been studying for your degree. With that kind of determination, I doubt that you will have any problems finding a new career.

Uncertainties are part of life no matter what one does. So, do not worry. The Big Boss will take care of things for you, as He has been doing all this time.

Cecile said...

hello, joops here visiting and dropping my ec :-)

i agree with you; hope you get the job that will sustain you and your family when the time comes.

pchi said...

yes, you face uncertain days after retirement from military service especially now that almost all economies are in recession (except China

but put your trust in God. He will never leave nor forsake your family. trust in Him

Anonymous said...

hehe they are so precious,visiting you here today.

Gem said...

I like what rummuser had said here. I think it will be easier than most civilian occupations and your military experience is an advantage to being hired in jobs that many civilians aren't even trained for.

Clarissa said...

You have a lot of potential even after your retirement-- and being in military service is a plus so don't loose hope. :)

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