Tuesday, January 20, 2009

House Upgrade

These pictures were taken when we first bought our house. We've renovated pretty much everything before we moved in. We repainted the walls and ceilings, changed the carpet, and put other details to the house like crown moldings and stuff. We did the remodeling by ourselves with the help of my family members. Thanks guys!
There's Rylie sitting in the dining room floor.
This is my sister Crystal

The hall to the foyer

Here's to the bathroom, you may notice that evero room has different carpet, that's why we put a new one to the entire house

Here's the living room

Here's the kitchen

At first we painted the dining room with bright yellow but later change it because it was too bright hehehe.. The professional painters lol... My dad and Rose painting Rylie's bedroom.

Here's my wife Rose painting our master's bedroom

The women of my life bonding together...

12 Smart Readers SAID::

iceah said...

looks nice and cozy c: wish we have our own place already c:

Clarissa said...

Isn't hard to renovate your own house?

btw thanks for dropping by!

Cecile said...

great jo, joops :-) did the same with our first house. it made me cry when it was time to sell it though.

visiting here...

amiable amy said...

wow... i love stuffs like this....that is why I love HGTV so much....This is a nice family activity and by doing so, the work you put up really a 100% exact and nicely done...GOOD JOB

sunny said...

wow that's great....a very nice way of family bonding!

^`º_ßÖßËLLê^ª* said...

hi dropping by here again,,wow I was amazed when i saw some pics and your helping each other..Im very happy to see family bonding..Godbless

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Keep painting Joops!

rummuser said...

It must be most satisfying to do something like this, all by yourselves and members of the family. We do not have much of a DIY culture here and it is rare that we will even attempt somethings like these.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Looks like all of you guys are enjoying. :) Hopefully, we will be moving soon, too.

Cecile said...

was here to drp ec and read new post :-)

dhemz said...

wow! awesome..can't believe you did all these stuff without hiring people to do it for you...that was great..it saves a lot of money huh?! very spacious kitchen...am sure you guys miss your own abode...:)

Tita Beng said...

Nice job there! For the love of our house and family, we'd do everything just to make everything perfect.

Btw, I've added you up in both my blogs


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