Friday, January 23, 2009

Coffee Mug from My sister with Love

The package that my sister sent for Christmas present for us just arrived today and I am so happy that she sent me some too! I love this mug which has a dedication on it that say:For My Brother
Together we shar3ed a child's world
We talked, we disagreed,
we shared personal hurts and joys,
and the older we grew,
the stronger the bond between us became.
I was always so proud
to have you as my brother
Now life has taken us down separate paths,
but your well being and happines
will always be foremost in my thoughts.
Neither the span of miles nor years
between us can ever change
the feelings I have for you....
I love you too Chris! Please take care of Dad for me, we miss you guys so much!

4 Smart Readers SAID::

Cecile said...

oh, what a sweet and loving, sister you got, joops :-) reminds me of my youngest brother!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

How nice of you!

Anonymous said...

that was very sweet of your sister.

market value from ASP & Rekan said...

nice.. Hi, How are you..

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