Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear You

Our son EJ is turning two years old on the 15th of this month and my birthday falls on the 17th of next month. Me and my wife talked about having our birthday celebrations in March which will give us time to plan and prepare for the party. Part of the reason why we want to celebrate it in March is because we are visiting my in-laws in the Philippines and we want them to be with us on that special occasion. Thanks for which gives us so much ideas on how our birthdays will be celebrated well. From planning of menus to setting up the decorations, games to play and gift ideas, you can find all of these stuff at Celebrations. They make you birthday a fabulous event by offering practical tips and easy ideas on things to do especially on kids birthday party. They also offer services for other occasions like your wedding, anniversaries, holidays or even just plain entertainment. has a team of experts that can help you plan all the special event in your life. You can sign up as a member for free and you can start sharing your ideas and tips of your own. We been reading all these fabulous ideas that both the members and experts are saying and I can say that it makes us easier to plan for the big event. They say that life begins when you turn 40, in that case I want to start my life as memorable and happy as ever.
This picture was taken on his first birthday last year...

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iceah said...

so EJ is turning 2 c: Advance Happy Birthday c: so your planning to be in the Philippines this March. Wow, that would be a grand reunion c:

Anonymous said...

wow...happy birthday in advance to you and to your cutty cute son..well i'll be delivering my baby probably last week of february..i just hope it would be a normal delivery..

Clarissa said...

Advance Happy Birthday to you and your son EJ!!\(^0^)/
I know it'll be fun!!

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