Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Swap or Trade It

My husband talked to his boss  about him pursuing his  master's degree.  The company is paying 90 percent of the tuition fees and he would shoulder the  remaining 10% and he would also  buy the needed books.  He is   not sure if he would do it as it would  put a dent to our monthly bills if he does.  I told him to just go for it since we can  find a way to  pay our bills somehow.  Another thing that he does not like going back to school again is the fact that it would take his time away from the kids.  He  loves our children and he wants to spend time with them when he is off from work so to go back to school, it would be  tough to balance the time.

My husband has an accounting degree but he hasn't take the the test yet for him to become a certified accountant. He is looking to have a masters that is related to his bachelor's degree. He said that there is a position available in their company that he wanted to apply to in the future. So I am not sure if he would do the master's program or not. I told him that if he wants to be as good as the auckland chartered accountants, he need to do it. I can only give him my support but I can't decide for him. 

Anyway, on the other note, I was looking at the   buy and sell nz and was really intrigued by this Hino Rainbow House Bus.  I  have never seen a house bus before so it s really interesting.
Preview Image
The website is called Swap or Trade it.  You can swap or trade  anything that you'd like from the site including vehicles,  gears, and gadgets such as this Samsung Galaxy S3.
Preview Image
Okidoci folks, that is it for now as I have a long and busy day tomorrow.  I hope that I could wrap up everything tonight so I don;t have to worry about it tomorrow.

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