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How To Save Money Heating Your Office

When a business is looking to maximize profits, it is usual to reduce costs as a first resort. Heating bills for an office are often one of the largest the business will face, these four steps can help you reduce your heating bill immediately.

Close doors and keep unused offices locked up.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. The open door policy is great when it comes to talking with fellow workers, however it is the quickest way to lose the heat from your office. Heating the office and leaving a door open will allow all of your heat to escape. This applies with unused offices, as long as no-one is working from the room, why would you need to heat it. Therefore, keep all external doors closed and lock off any unused offices.

Turn down your hot water.

Most people are unaware that the office hot water system is linked into the heating system. Turning the hot water down by a few degrees could save you hundreds over the course of the year. Nobody fills up their coffee from a hot tap, so there is no need to have the hot water set at a boiling temperature. Set the hot water to come out at a warm temperature, perfect for washing hands.

Reduce you heat lose through the windows.

Every desk worker wants to get a work station by the window, or at the very least to be able to have a good view. The only downside to this, is that the same workers will be watching the majority of the office's heat disappearing through the windows. The large sheets of glass offer very little heat insulation. Double glazed windows do offer better protection from heat loss, but are not perfect.

A simple solution would be to insert blinds on all of the windows. The closed blind would trap the hot air within the office and provide a barrier for the cold air trying to come in through the window. If the windows are of a large area or it is not practical to hang blinds in the window location, an insulating window film can be used. This film is applied directly to the window and acts as a barrier to keep the heat within the building.

Maximize all your heating resources.

Modern server rooms often have air conditioning units which take the hot air out away from the large servers and pump this valuable commodity outside. Heat farming is the practice of taking this hot air and pumping it around the building to heat other areas. This can be retrofitted into any existing air conditioning unit and the cost of modification would soon be returned in the lower heating costs.

This same practice can be used to take heat out of other areas, primarily kitchens and gyms. The existing heat extraction units can be used to draw the heated air out of these hot rooms and direct it to be reused around the rest of the office.

These changes can make a huge impact on the balance sheet, not just on the air temperature in the office.
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