Friday, November 15, 2013

Fall Leaves Brings Fun

Fall won't be complete without my Burritos playing with the  fallen leaves on the ground.  My father-in-law has a maple tree in front of the house and it is always the last one to  lost  its leaves in   the neighborhood.  My kids love to  pile 'em up and play with it, this year  was no different.  Even though it's so cold, they still managed to have  fun even on  a short period of time.  

My chest was very painful after  watching several videos about the typhoon that  I just want to somehow erase the pain by looking at this fun photos.  I cry every time I watch the news about the the devastating  typhoon Haiyan has brought to my country fellowmen  back home.  I wish that there  is a rewind button in real life so we could just hit that button and make everything  goes back to normal again.  Thank you all for the prayers and  help to the Philippines!

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Dhemz said...

how fun to be a kid...I can tell they're having a blast! buti pa jan sis fall na sign of fall here yet.

jheylo said...

It's nice that they get to enjoy the falls. We don't have that here in our place, I mean there is but not in our area itself.

joy said...

your kids truly had so much fun as shown in the photos :) Another season is through, winter comes next :)

love angel said...

The kids look like they're indeed having fun! But I think I'd like to experience snow first. Hehe.

genefaith said...

I love to watch children playing with carefree and happy! It's a nice way of taking a break from all the heartaches we have brought by Typhoon haiyan to our country:(

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