Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Steel Mill in Weirton

Just some drive by shots along the Steel Mill road.  As I took the shots, my husband reminisced the time when the  Mill was on it's high peak.  He said that everything was  great in this town.  

I wish that the Steel Mill company here in Weirton still operates.  I mean some part of it are still in business but not the whole thing.  According to what I read, the  company collapsed when  the union were asking too much and  the company could not afford to anymore.  I don't mind  having union in a company because it protects that  workers but when  they become greedy of asking too much stuff, it ruins the business then everyone  suffers.  

I remember when I was still working, someone was establishing a union in school but the administrators  did not  allow it because they know that it would just cause problems.   They said that  if union will be pushed through that they would just close the school.  I am glad that it wasn't materialized.  

4 Smart Readers SAID::

mommy Peachy said...

I wish that the still mill still operates too so it can give more job to the community.

Unknown said...

It sucks that because they didn't compromise now everyone suffers.

Unknown said...

That’s sad to know. I hope the company can still revive that steel mill.

lencilicious said...

Limitations and boundaries must be set in companies with union. So sad that everyone needs to suffer.

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