Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Blogging Perks

save imageGlad to see that my earnings from one of the  network sites that I am affiliated with climbed up  to  three grand.  Publishing a total of 160 posts and getting paid  $3004, that  makes an average of  $18.78  per post which is not bad as they are all guest articles.  One of which is not paid yet so if I count that one in, the price per post is $18.90.  I like guest posts because I learned so much from the articles that other people wrote.  I learned it the easy way unlike  wracking my brain out learning a topic and writing it myself.  Blogging has a lot of  perks but it is also a hard work.  If you don't put  time and effort in  your blog, no advertiser will be interested in publishing ads in your blog.  I never expected that I would love blogging this much.  I started it out of boredom when we were in Korea as I did not know anyone there.  Now I came to love it like a real job.  Yep, I consider blogging as a job, do you?

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MzBaker said...

It's definitely my job now! I have done so many online jobs from just building websites, making images, animating images, web hosting, ad services and so much more. Now I blog! I still do the other stuff too, but I like blogging the best!

Healy Harpster said...

Yahoo!!! That site can really make you rich!

grace said...

Sis, can you share to me this site ? Am I qualified ?

Chubskulit Rose said...

Sis Grace, this is from Postjoint. I started with them this March.

muifashion said...

oh.. I am so envy po. I hope I can earned that much too soon po..huhu Congrats po! :)

Mai Songalia said...

Blogging really is taking over my world now, haha. So glad your efforts are paying off sis. I'm inspired to spend more time on blogging seeing how much you're earning now. Great work!

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