Friday, November 29, 2013

Piece of Property

We haven't given up on finding a property that would suit the need of our family so once in a while when we see a piece of land that we think is good, we drive  by  and see it with our own eyes.  This is one of the  properties that we looked at.  It's a bit of a drove but we love the big pond that we saw nearby it. 

We founds a piece of land that we really liked but the price is too high for our budget.  We looked at it again online and it was sold already, we felt sad about it but we are no rush  in buying so maybe a good  one will still to come.  

4 Smart Readers SAID::

Jheylo said...

Looks like a nice place, you can go fishing whenever you want to.

Unknown said...

My husband also wants to buy a 2 acre land someday. I like that one with a pond.:)

mommy Peachy said...

I think that place is really nice. i hope you find a nice land in the near future.

Mel Cole said...

We too would love to move on a bigger space someday. Love that place coz it has a pond.

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