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How to Weatherproof Windows

Your home is your castle and you should do everything in your power to make it warm, inviting and cosy. If your home feels cold and dank during winter, you should definitely be thinking about weatherproofing your windows. In fact, if you are capable of executing the task on your own, then quite a bit of money can be saved in the process. Today, with soaring energy bills and an uncertain economy, it makes sense to weatherproof your windows and save as much money as you can.

Here is how to weatherproof the windows. You also will need a few things, but spending on these items will keep you comfortable and worry-free during winter. Before you begin, have necessary weatherstripping tools, a hair dryer, tape, weatherproofing window plastic, and a utility knife within reach. You will certainly need these items during the process.

Preparing the Windows
In order to weatherproof the windows, you will first have to clean them thoroughly. Wash them from the inside as well as the outside; check each frame for damage. If the putty comes off or gets chipped, have it replaced. If the frames are degraded or decayed, or if the window panes are cracked, then they have to be disposed as well. Although a little time-consuming, you will be glad you made an effort to inspect each window and the necessary repairs. These efforts will certainly translate into considerable savings in the future.

The next step is weatherstripping the windows. Modern technology has advanced enough to ensure you can get access to self-sticking weatherstripping. Install the weatherstripping around the edge of the window, just where the window meets the walls. This will work as an insulation and prevent cold air enter your home from the outside. It also will avert hot air from within to escape outdoors. Remember, installing weatherstripping will prevent you from opening your windows. This may not be such a bad thing, as most people tend to keep their windows closed during winter and open them in spring. Be sure not to forget the windows in the basement and the loft.
Weatherproofing Windows
Finally, it is time to weatherproof the windows. This can be done with the help of a weatherproofing plastic, which can be bought from a hardware store. This plastic has to be installed onto the windows and if done correctly, it will keep your home nice and toasty during the cold winter months. Take the measurements of the window and cut the plastic slightly bigger than the necessary dimensions. Use a tape to fix this plastic onto the frame of the window. Now use the hair dryer to blow hot air onto the plastic. This will cause the plastic to shrink and become tight. Make sure that the plastic is firmly adhered to the tape and the window frame before using the hair dryer. Otherwise, it will come off when you blow in hot air. Follow this method for fixing the weatherproof plastic onto the windows around your home, including the basement and the loft. This will help keep your home warm and comfortable, regardless of how low the mercury dips outside.

Weatherproofing the windows is an essential task when preparing for winter. Although cumbersome, it is worth the time and the effort. Be sure not to reuse the plastic, though. When the spring season arrives, discard it properly and invest in a new weatherproofing plastic for the next winter. Do not see this as an additional expense. This should rather be viewed as an investment, as it will help you save money on your heating bills.

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