Wednesday, November 20, 2013

3 Rooms You'll Love Having a Small Sofa

Conventionally, sofas belong in the main room where family members relax together in the evenings and at weekends. If the home has space for a den or family room for more informal activities, there could be a sofa there too. But on the whole, sofas have often been restricted to those two leisure areas.

These days though, people are mixing things up more, and sometimes the results work really well. A sofa imparts a feeling of comfort and ease to a room, and, if you have the space, then there are few rooms which don’t benefit from the homely touch of a small sofa. It’s true that a 3 seater sofa, elsewhere than in your main living room or family room, may make take up more room than you can spare, but a compact 2 seater will go almost anywhere.

Wherever it’s placed, it’s important that your sofa should be of really good quality and solid, like those from because one that’s made shoddily won’t last so long or look so good.

A sofa in the bedroom

It’s nice to have a comfortable place to sit down in the bedroom other than the bed itself. A two-seater sofa makes your bedroom feel like a space for more than just sleeping.

For example, maybe the kids have taken over the kitchen and living room, and you want some peace and quiet to read a book. If you feel like retreating to your bedroom, you don’t want to be confined to sitting or lying on your bed. If you can relax on a sofa in your bedroom, you won’t feel so hounded by the younger generation.

A sofa in the hallway

You’re waiting for your partner to be ready to leave the house. A sofa in the hallway means that you can do that without getting too impatient. For visitors to the house, a sofa in the hallway looks friendly and welcoming.

A sofa in the bathroom or dressing room

There’s a trend towards treating the bathroom as a space to be enjoyed, not just a utilitarian space for washing. There’s something very pleasant about a bathroom with a view and a spacious atmosphere. If you want your bathroom to feel like somewhere to unwind after a hard day, not just somewhere to wash, a sofa fits in really well. If the bathroom is too small, a sofa placed just outside can also work well.

Your partner can come in and sit on the sofa, drink in hand, and relax with you while you soak in the bath, and that makes life a bit less of a hassle and a bit more relaxed.

You can sit down while the kids enjoy their bath-time. You won’t need to be standing over them waiting for them to be ready to get out, and you will all be able to enjoy the interaction more if you have a comfortable place to sit.

And that’s the message really. Just about everything is better if you have a comfortable place to sit down.

Even if they aren’t much used, small sofas in unusual places around the house make for an atmosphere of generosity and welcome, which both visitors and the family can appreciate.

About the author:

Amy Grimshaw is a real estate agent. She loves writing about home decor in her spare time for interior design blogs.

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