Thursday, November 14, 2013

Smoke Responsibly

I have three brothers (well, now only two since one of them has passed away already) and luckily nobody really tried smoking even though they saw my father smoke cigarettes when he was still around. One thing that I can say about my father's smoking is that he never did it around us, which was a really great thing to do. I really can't stand it when smokers never care about the sake of other people around them, especially the children. I mean you can still enjoy the cigarette somewhere else where no one can inhale the smoke. I mean you can smoke cigarette responsibly by choosing the right place to do it right?

These days however, the Electronic cigarettes are widely accepted since it does not produce smoke. According to what I’ve read, the cost of using e-cigs is lower compared to buying cigarettes. With electronic cigarettes, you do not have to worry about the cigarette butt which eliminates the waste. I have never experienced smoking so I can't really tell the difference. But according to what I perceive from colleagues who do smoke, it is hard to quit once you are addicted to it. We used to beg my father to quit and he tried many times but he failed every time. 

I guess, just like any other kinds of addiction, trying to quit smoking would be so hard as well. People have different reasons why they smoke; some say that it is their avenue to relieve stress, some do smoke just as a habit that they adapted to at an early age. From my own personal point of view, no matter what it is, electronic or regular cigarettes have a bad effect on your health. Anyway, if you want to learn more about electronic cigarettes, visit as they have different kinds to offer.

On a lighter note, today was a very big day for me and I am glad that it was over as it was causing me stress and anxiety already lol. I am so glad that the outcome was positive and that I can finally go to sleep tonight without worrying about it. I will make a separate post about it when everything is done.

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