Monday, November 4, 2013

How to Style a Bathroom Using LED Lights

Lighting is important in any room in the home – it can transform a rarely used space into one which you enjoy spending time in. While the bathroom is a great place for creating unique designs, it also needs to be a functional space and so the right lighting can be crucial in helping create a distinctive yet functional space. The lighting you choose will depend on your bathroom, the features in the room, and how you use the space, but with LEDs there are multiple possibilities when it comes to lighting your bathroom. Here are a few ideas.
A ceiling light which is flush to the ceiling is ideal for a bathroom. LED downlights can be ideal as their sleek and simple design can fit seamlessly into any style of décor, where it’s ultra-modern or more traditional. As well as being stylish additions to your bathroom, downlights and spotlights also provide directional light, so whether you need extra light over the sink or the shower, these lights give you the option to illuminate any space you choose. LED downlights don’t only have to be installed in the ceiling – they could be installed anywhere you need extra light. If you have an alcove in your bathroom, installing LED downlights on the vertical walls of the alcove can add extra light to increase functionality, as well as creating an interesting focal point to your room.

LED strip lights can also be ideal for the bathroom. If you have a bathroom cabinet or a shelving unit where you can’t clearly see the items you’ve stored there, installing LED strip lights on the shelves can add additional light which means finding the item you need is simple each time. If your bathroom cabinet is fitted above your sink, installing strip lights underneath the cabinet can give extra light here, bringing your sink out of the shadows.

Strip lights can also be used to create a vanity mirror by fitting the lights around your mirror. The additional light provided by the strip lights is ideal when applying makeup or shaving, particularly in the dark early mornings. Placing the lights behind the mirror can effectively backlight it, which not only creates a focal point in the room but adds a stylish feature to the space.

Similar to strip lights, LED tape lights are highly versatile and flexible lighting systems, meaning there is a host of options available when using this form of lighting. Tape lights can be used to line the outside of your bath or shower to add a soft, subtle, and relaxing light to the room, as well as being a stylish feature. The flexibility of these lights mean that whether your bath is rounded or square you can fit the lights exactly to the shape of your bath. These lights can be ideal if you like to relax in the bath in the evening – instead of candles which can be a fire hazard, LED tape lights offer an alternative. You could also install tape lights around the edges of your ceiling to create unique lighting. Lit on their own in the room, these lights can create a relaxing atmosphere in the space.

With LED lights there are multiple options when it comes to lighting your bathroom. However you choose to light this room in your home, our Visible Lighting LEDs are part of an extensive range of lighting products which will beautifully illuminate your home.  

Visible Lighting specializes in high quality LED lighting products, providing an extensive range of LED lights. Taking advantage of the latest technology, we regularly expand our product lines to give customers the best choice when comes to lighting.

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riz tomacruz said...

nice bathroom. how i wished i could put in wall decors in ours bath its such a small one :)

Unknown said...

Pics are really great though I would prefer induction lighting over LED because they use very less energy. In terms of light quality induction lights are excellent. Instant on-off is also a thing which is very appealing.


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