Thursday, April 4, 2013

Using a Tub Chair to Enhance the Look of Your Room

leather tub chair pvc red 45 degree.Quite often it just requires one new piece of furniture in a room, to give the area a lift and feeling of change. A good example of this is introducing one of these faux leather tub chairs in a contrasting color to your existing room decor.

These tub chairs are modern yet classic in design, come in a wide range of either fun or neutral colors  and are most importantly comfortable.

Add a Splash of Color

There are many different vibrant chair colors to choose from. A bright blue or plum purple shade can work very well with cream or neutral decor, adding some interest whilst still keeping an understated feel. A bright yellow or spicy orange can warm up a cooler color palette, or drab looking brown surroundings. Adding a colorful chair is a great way of accessorizing a room without compromising the whole existing color scheme of the room.

Choose a Chair for Comfort

While one must consider the color  style, and design of the new chair for enhancing the look of a room, comfort is the number one priority for a chair that cannot be ignored. The tub chair has a deep bucket seating shape, which is perfect for sitting comfortably with a drink, or relaxing with friends or a movie. It's clean lines make it an ideal chair for keeping good posture and so a practical choice too.

Add a Chair with Classic Style

By adding a piece of good solid design to your existing room decor, you are investing in a look that will last. Fashions come and go, but a good chair design will stay timeless.

Choose Solid Quality Chairs

The tub chair design has a good sturdy wooden framework, which is then covered in a high-density fiber material, before being finished off with the top fabric which is the one which gives the overall look and finish. It is good to know that not only are you adding to the look for your room, but also to the quality of the furniture in your home.

Stylish yet Practical

Faux leather tub chairs have an easy wipe-clean surface, which makes it an ideal choice of furnishing fabric to have on a chair that would suit a living room or conservatory, or somewhere else that is used on a regular basis. However, this type of chair design can fit in most rooms and the faux leather is also a luxurious and opulent choice for a bedroom too.

Be as adventurous as you like with the choice of tub chair colors available, and really make a statement in your room of choice with a stunning piece of furniture at a modest price for the impact.

Dom Bryce is a creative, interior design blogger from the UK, who loves to be creative to bring decor to life.

6 Smart Readers SAID::

MikiHope said...

Tub chairs have been around for YEARS!! I actually owned one many years ago in my very first apartment! These chairs are definitely one of the OLDIES but GOODIES!! And they are comfortable-I had almost forgotten about them-next time I need a new chair I will be looking at one of these.

Melinda Dunne said...

I have actually been looking at getting a couple of Tub chairs because they aren't too big for my small living space. I also really like the look of them and they are also very comfortable.

Trendy Cyndie said...

I love,. love the tub chair. Makes for a lovely addition to any decor.

Nova said...

that is gorgeous, your room would look amazing with that chair in it...

Mel Cole said...

those style of chair are comfortable in the office. nice red color.

Healy Harpster said...

Thank's for the tips- I always buy something stylish yet practical and comfortable!

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