Sunday, April 14, 2013

Seamless Shape Wear

I weighed myself after eating breakfast today and surprised to find out that I lost 2 pounds and 2 ounces, yahoooo!  I am not celebrating just yet because my  goal has not been reached yet.  I want to be able to  fit into my dress again without worrying about my love handles showing up.  I always wish that I have a Seamless shape wear so I don't have to worry about  the  unpleasant bulge of  unwanted  fats from my  waist.  I am challenging myself to  get rid of this before summer time.

It's frustrating to see  some bumps in a wrong place of your body especially if you don't have the Best back smoothing bra and cami.  It  would be nice if  I can wear my dresses again confidently without  worrying about the undesirable flab showing at your waist or tummy.  

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lencilicious said...

Oh my dear, you don't need to slim down really. You look great.

I am also on a strict diet the past months and seems nothing happened. Two weeks ago, I started to exercise with my hubby. I know you heard of "Insanity Program" and with that I've lost 5.5 pounds in two weeks. But of course that is with the strict diet. My stomach adjusted well to 6 small portion of meals a day. And so far I'm happy with my progress.

I hope you achieved your desired goal. Good luck to us.

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