Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How to Sell a Phone

Technology is constantly evolving  so gadgets are pretty much being upgraded in such a short period of time.  Say for instance,  the Samsung Galaxy that I just bought   last year, it has been upgraded  already so mine is kind of outdated already.  I love my phone  so even without the upgrade I wouldn't replace it.  If you are not like me and you want the latest all the time, you should  how to sell a phone so you will get something back from your old phone.

If you are interested how your old phone's worth is, check out the link above and you will find out the prices.   You can also read the step by step  process on how to sell it.  Some of you might have  put your old phone  at your drawer when you got tired of it but you can make money out of it.  That would help you  get the new gadget that you want without  paying the whole price out of your budget.  

On the other note, my husband's phone quit working the other day. He told me that it wouldn't  turn on.  So I opened it, took out the battery, returned it again and voila, it worked.  Hubby said "Why did I not think of that?" I told him "I don't know" lol!

5 Smart Readers SAID::

Makoy said...

Your story with the battery is kinda funny. Phones nowadays are fast to get extinct. So we better get a phone that will last for a long time.

Jessica Cassidy said...

yay! glad the husband's cp worked again Sis Rose
:-) Thank you to your healing power :-)

Unknown said...

i never sold any used phones.:) I send it to the Philippines though after I upgrade or get a new one,

jheylo said...

a good sales talk would be a great way of selling our old phone but we all know that there are websites now that do the selling on our behalf so we can use their service if we want to.

mommy Orkid Belle said...

I sure don't have to worry about selling a phone though because never really buy a cellphone. I didn't see the need for it mommy so I didn't. But it is nice though that there is help out there to help you find out how to best sell your phone so you can get a newer one. :)

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