Tuesday, April 23, 2013


We decided to transfer our forsythia from the left side of our yard to the right.  I am glad that  that it did not die.
A Photo a Day # 84
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Originally posted on March 24 2012

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DeniseinVA said...

It's lovely, glad it survived transplanting.

Carletta said...

I'm glad it survived too Rose - it wouldn't seem like spring if there wasn't a forsythia around in bloom.
Lovely shot!
Have a Blessed Sunday!

Emzkie said...

yan pala ang name nya! lol. gusto ko rin ng ganyan sa yard namin. wala kaming ganyan na bush.
thanks for your visit sis! from SOOC

Carver said...

The forsythia is gorgeous. I love those little yellow blooms of spring.

Carole M. said...

full of mellow yellow!

Jim said...

Great yellow shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Liz said...

Lovely shot! Have a fabulous week.

Liz @ MLC

eden said...

Very pretty yellow blooms

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