Tuesday, April 23, 2013

5 Interesting materials used for iPhone cases

Iphones are a really popular phone and every second person seems to have one these days, so we want to have a cover that is unique to us. There are heaps of different interesting materials used to make them out of, so there is so much to choose from to make your phone case perfectly you. Here are five interesting materials used for iPhone cases.

Plastic with own design

One great material used for iPhone cases is the hard non-toxic plastic one. They are really affordable iphone 5 covers, and come in all sorts of different colors and you can even get one with your favorite photo, so its uniquely you. If you are an artist, or you know someone that is, you can get their design printed onto it. It’s a really stylish way to make your phone a one off design that has a bit of your own personality in it.


The silicone cases are a great for iphone 5’s because not only do they look great but they will protect your phone from dropping it or bumping it. They hold it firmly together so that if it is dropped none of its inner parts will be damaged in the fall. They come in a range of different colours and can fit any phone because of their standard sizing.


The toughness of leather is a tried and true choice of material for your iphone 5 case. Having been around since the beginning of time, you can depend on your leather case to shield your phone from any bumps or drops. The stylishness of leather goes without saying and can be matched to your shoes or bag so that you always look good, no matter where you go, or who you are talking to.

Vinyl, Rubber and Aluminium

The mixture of vinyl, rubber and aluminium make a great cover for the iphone 5 and are one of the most shock resistant choices available on the market. These materials protect the phone from damp, dust and heat. There are cases made with a mixture of these materials or you can buy ones that are made of just one of the materials. The vinyl, rubber and aluminium cases are a popular choice for iphone 5 users.

Carbon Fibre

The carbon fibre cases are a great material that will protect your case while looking uber stylish. They are crafted by layering the fibre several times to produce a material that is durable and long lasting. An advantage about using this case is that it is light and portable for travelling with your phone. Available in many different colours you will be able to find a carbon fibre case that is the perfect colour for you.

12 Smart Readers SAID::

Unknown said...

i love leather phone cases.:) they look so stylish and classy.

MikiHope said...

Never heard of carbon fiber before--would like to know more-I unfortunately do not own an IPhone.

Trendy Cyndie said...

That is a super cute case! I love all the unique cases

Corinne said...

I use an Otter Box but am disappointed that the rubber outer shell rips so easily. I wish I could find one that was shock resistant AND easy to get on and off.

Anonymous said...

I love the custom photo cases. Mine is made of rubber and holds my credit cards and id, wish I could customize it with a photo.

Tamara @ Mommyland said...

What neat ways to make covers thank you for sharing mine is a custom one with my QR code.

Melinda Dunne said...

I love the variety of phone case that are available now. I have a rubber case that has a harder plastic cover on it. It is really durable and it is pink so I really like it. I would love to have a photo on it though. I love personalized items.

Erin said...

Im loving these cell phone cases! So cool!

Nova said...

Isn't that wonderful? I love to get those someday. Got to make sure i have enough money first

jheylo said...

that's one good thing about having iPhones or any phones because we can order or buy a customized case to beautify our phone

Becca Wilson said...

I did not know they were made from so many things. I just thought there were rubber and carbon fiber. Thanks for sharing.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

That's a nice iPhone case my phone case is just made of clear rubber.

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