Saturday, April 13, 2013

Google Page Rank

I am so glad that this blog  is finally giving me some tasks ever since its page rank of 3 has returned.  It used to have a PR3 when my husband  was still active in blogging and maintaining this website but when he started going to school,  he kind of neglected this and the PR  has gone.  I took over and nurture it and now it's back to where it has been.

I am a work-at-home-Mom and my  job is  writing/publishing articles  for different clients online  so page rank is very important.  If Mr. Google will  give back  the PR3 of  my other blogs, I think I will do good with my blogging this year.  So please Mr. Google, would you please Grant  my  wish (lol..wishful thinking)?  

And oh, before I forgot, Thank YOU for  always visiting, without YOU, this blog won't have a life.  So  Gracias for taking time to leave your thoughts!

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lina@womens perspectives said...

That's good news!

Unknown said...

I like your blogs and the theme is pretty nice Congrats cool.

Liz said...


Liz (mot)

Anonymous said...

Help! My PageRank didn't just fall to zero - it apparently no longer exists! Can you stop by my blog (you can google the link!) , take a look, and help me out?

Makoy said...

I wish you a better page rank rose! write more quality articles and you will have higher PR.

jheylo said...

wow congratulation. i wish i will get my pr3 and 4 back as well too :)

Dhemz said...

I wish Mr. G will grant my wish too...pero parang malabo...been years since I had pr3 blogs.

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