Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Unusual Ways to Make Extra Money

 Everyone is constantly looking for more ways in which they can increase the amount of money that they are able to bring in from their regular job, and as a result, many interesting ways to make money have really come to the forefront in recent years. The unusual ways to make money that you have available to you will allow you to take up some of your free time and earn money while doing so. Some of the unusual ways that you can earn money in addition to your normal job include; 

 Offer Services 

The easiest and most efficient way for you to begin earning money outside of your job is to offer services to those that would like them. Take an inventory of the skills that you have, and the objects that you own. Are you a good writer? Can you make websites? Do you own a pressure washer or a lawn mower? Any of these will allow you to offer services to other individuals and earn money through doing so. Take inventory to figure out what services you could potentially offer, and begin spreading the word about your new side job. 

 Mow Lawns 

Although it might seem like the type of job that a teenager would do, there is actually a lot of money that you could potentially earn by offering the service to elderly neighbors. By taking your time, spreading the word about your new lawn mowing services, and also looking at all of the different potential clients that are in your area, you can create an excellent side-business. 

 Sell Your Belongings 

If you are in dire straits, another thing that you can do is to sell your belongings. If you have numerous belongings that could really fetch a good amount on Craigslist or other websites online, you can sell your belongings and earn a great deal of money that you could dedicate to other areas of your life throughout the process. 

 Walk Dogs 

Do you have a large number of dog owners in your local area? If you live in the city or another densely populated area, it can be very difficult for people to find time to appropriately walk or exercise their dogs. Many are forced to take them to the dog park in the city, and it could potentially provide you with a high quality opportunity to earn some money. By walking dogs for others, you can earn hundreds of extra dollars per week. 

 Donate Blood 

There are many organizations that will actually pay you to donate blood. A little bit of blood can go a long way in terms of the number of lives that you could potentially save. With literally dozens of ailments that require blood transfusions, donating blood can provide you with a decent regular income, although there are limitations on how much you can donate in a given time period. 

 These five tips can help you to make money in your spare time, and increase the revenue that you are able to bring in on a monthly basis, while allowing you, in some cases, to build a high quality side business.

13 Smart Readers SAID::

Makoy said...

earning extra money is really difficult. I have to agree with you that you need to tap with your own talents by listing it down. I will go to the easiest way though without too much effort.

Jessica Cassidy said...

These are wonderful ideas to make extra income :-) Finding money is not hard when you are willing to work your butt off :-)

Unknown said...

thanks for the tips.:) i sell some things i'm not using anymore sometimes on ebay.

Marriage and Beyond said...

Great tips for those who would like to earn extra income. :)

jheylo said...

these are definitely good ways to make money, decent job.

MikiHope said...

You can also do Mystery Shopping and on-line surveys!!

Melinda Dunne said...

Great tips! I am one who agrees that selling stuff can be beneficial. It not only helps with the finances but it is also nice to get rid of things you don't need anymore.

Trendy Cyndie said...

I might not donate blood for money! But the others are perfectly suitable

Andrea said...

I have so much stuff here that I need to sell. I used to sell stuff all the time, but lately have not had much luck.

Anonymous said...

Those are great ideas. We have a few people that have started a dog clean up service here so you no longer have to clean up your own yard, they are doing quite well.

Nova said...

this is true, this days, we should know how to earn extra money with the spare time we have. also helps us teach our kids how to earn their own money too

Healy Harpster said...

Thank's for the tips! There are many ways to earn extra money, simple as mowing neighbors lawn, babysitting and more!

Marms @ Mhar's Display said...

These are good. Some does part time as mascot or a character for a certain company.

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