Friday, April 5, 2013

Natural and Organic

carpet cleaning servicesI have been behind with my blogging stuff lately, I am trying to do my best to  manage my time but it seems  that there's not enough time to do everything.   We have  two dogs that lives inside the house  so I have to vacuum at least twice a week in order to clean up their hair from the carpet.    I admit that having a pet is awesome but it is  like having  a baby at home.  It's a constant chore taking care of them. 

 Anyhow, back to the cleaning part, if you ever need an area rug cleaning services for your home or for your business, you should check out Green Choice.  They have a discount of  almost thirty dollars for deep shampoo cleaning of your rug.   This company uses natural and organic cleaning materials because they do understand the impact  of using chemical-based cleaners to the homeowners' health.  I commend  companies like  Green Choice for caring  so much for their customers and for thinking about the environment while  providing the services.  That to me,  is very commendable.

As a customer's  point of view, it is always a plus when a company thinks about the welfare and safety of their clients rather than just thinking about their profit.  

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jheylo said...

I don't blame you :D me too i can't keep up with my blogs especially with the interims. Ugh! I need to write more soon because someone (sherif) knows about it lol. We have cleaning materials for our carpet and we do it ourselves instead of hiring someone and pay.

Jessica Cassidy said...

We cannot have pets in the house for the reason that my little K has severe allergies :-( yet! I still have to vacuum everyday because of the fireplace :-) It is not fun vacuuming :-( but no choice, gotta keep the house clean :-) We also had our rug cleaning every year and we love his service.

Makoy said...

it's really though to have pets when it comes to maintenance. Not only you have to clean rugs as you have mentioned but their grooming has to be taken care of as well.

Dhemz said...

I think you have manage your time pretty well sis...I'm opposite...most of my blogs are not even updated.

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