Saturday, December 14, 2013


During my daughter's class' Saint Day celebration, they received a kit of wheat  to grow at home.   Their class Saint is St. Lucy, and she is a Saint  of light that's why they were  given the wheat because  once you set up the kit and put it where the sun shine  can reach it, it will grow.  Sure enough, after a couple of days, here 's how it looks like.

These are now taller.  I will post an updated photo next time.

I wish I could let this grow till it blooms but I am not sure.

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Jhady said...

That is so cool. Gardening or planting has an emotional effect on me. It makes me happy to see my plant bearing fruits or seeing the flowers bloom

Franc said...

It would be nice to have a small wheat plantation in the household since it's also a healthy staple.

Nova said...

that is very interesting, i can't wait to see your wheat how would it be

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