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How Professional Photographers Achieve Meaningful Shots

Photography has changed tremendously over the years, with people showing more interest in the art, especially in this digital age. Today, amateur photographers try their hand at taking thousands of photos without having to invest exorbitant amounts of money toward film and costly development thereof, thanks to digital photography equipment. This enables them to point and shoot without concern, and allows them to develop only their best pictures.

Konya, 2008

While many may excel in this hobby, there still remain many differences between the amateur and professional photographers, who along with their passion for photography, have the best equipment and a keen eye for capturing the essence of the moment. The photo that results has everything to do with the photographer's skill and equipment, and all the control, including the lighting, the processing, the subject, and so much more, that makes the amateur stand apart from the professional.
GEORGE GEORGIOU - Bitlis, 2007

Bitlis, 2007

George Georgiou, an award-winning photographer, is one fine example of a renowned artist, famous for his photographs that focus on communities that must deal with culture differences, especially in eastern Europe. He has worked in Greece, the Balkans, and Turkey, and his photos demonstrate the lines and lives of people that are divided, such as through religion, secularism, tradition, and the like. For instance, one of his works demonstrates uniformed children trekking over a rocky hill to get to school.
GEORGE GEORGIOU - Ishak Pasa Palace, 2007
Ishak Pasa Palace, 2007
His early works were mostly in black-and-white, but over the last few years, since his "Fault Lines" series of Turkey, he has moved on to color, although he aims at photographing more in fall or spring, where the skies are generally darker and are void of bright blue skies. Many portray the different people in their everyday lives, who walk about casually, as he captures their expressions and their attire, which are indicative of their beliefs and lifestyles. Others clearly display the changes of modern life, with the main subjects being apartment buildings that have sprouted among baron landscapes, that demonstrate the struggles the people of Turkey face with development, and the process of urbanization.
GEORGE GEORGIOU - Diyarbakir, 2007
Diyarbakir, 2007
George Georgiou is also known for some disturbing, yet very artistic images of psychiatric patients in Kosovo and Serbia, that are clearly indicative of the serious ethnic tensions and violence that escalated into the Kosovo War in 1999. For example, his images captured the agony and pain of those confined behind the doors of the psychiatric hospitals, including those who had physical disabilities rather than mental ones, and who obviously didn't belong there.
GEORGE GEORGIOU - Konya, New Business, 2007
Konya, New Business, 2007
His freelance work began after graduating from the Polytechnic College of Central London. His works have been displayed in numerous exhibitions, and his "Fault Lines" series has led to a book, as well. His latest project of five years focuses on the Ukraine and Georgia, and how they share their space, all the while having to deal with Russia's continuous involvement.
GEORGE GEORGIOU - Gaziantep, 2007
Gaziantep, 2007
What makes George Georgiou different from his counterparts is exceptional talent to photograph these important issues that tell a story, often of desolation or struggle, in a light that is true to that story.
GEORGE GEORGIOU - Kayseri, 2006
Kayseri, 2006
Article written by Elizabeth Pharr.

Disclaimer:  All the images are taken by the  photographer mentioned in the article.

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Aisha Kristine Chong said...

Iba tlga ang professional - they capture beauty in simple day to day stuff that we normally tend to neglect.

Mai said...

These are not the usual photos that we see everyday. It's disturbs me somewhat seeing them, so that means the photographer is effective in conveying the message he wants to convey. :)

Franc said...

I think the winning shots take real patience and experience to have the eye for great photos.

Jhady said...

I love taking pictures too but I don't have a good camera. I think the secret of photography is having the skills and a good camera

Nova said...

its amazing how technology makes things lively even in photographs.

genefaith said...

we can all use cameras to take a picture but only professional photographers could draw out deeper meanings even from what seemed to be ordinary things...

Unknown said...

I wish I have a good eye in taking photography.

jared's mum said...

those are really beautiful photos. the school children trekking down those rocks is the one that most appeal to me. i wish i had a knack at photography, too. it sure will be handy as i snap a photo of my little man to chronicle his toddler days.

mommy Orkid Belle said...

I wish I went to a photography class or have a school nearby where I can go. But these people have the eye for it and can take really interesting photos. With today's technology and fancy equipments, they can enhance those photos now and make it more dramatic.

jheylo said...

There are a lot of people these days are getting into photography but one must have the real talent to be able to come up with nice and meaningful photo.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

Ang galing ng mga photos dito! I wish I could capture photos like them.

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