Saturday, December 7, 2013

Naked Trees

Most of the trees now here are naked, all the leaves have fallen on the ground and if you look  in the woods, it looks sad.  You will occasionally see some greens  from the pine trees but that's about it,  other tress are all bare.   These are the last shots I took on the first week of November.

Sometimes when we go for a drive, the bare trees makes me sad.

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Jhady said...

Beautiful photos of trees sis. My first fall and winter here I was a little bit sad because I couldn't go anywhere, it was too cold and I wasn't driving back then. I was in awe with the color of the leaves when they changes and when the leaves fall it looks like it is dead make me sad. Spring time is great because the leaves will starts growing back including the weeds

Franc said...

I hope the naked trees grow back its leaves.

Nova said...

hahaha makes me smile when you've said naked trees, for they indeed look like they are naked because they don't have leaves.

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