Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Physical Fitness On Holidays

The holiday is in full swing now and  a lot of us are very busy trying to get ready for the special day. I am sure that some of you have been attending holiday events left and right which means that yummy  foods to indulge is also plenty.  Holidays like Christmas is when   some of us gain some pounds due to   the abundant supply of  holiday  treats and goodies.  Not to mention that  right around the holiday season,  we tend to slack off from working out.  I know that  because I am slacking off with my fitness routines which should not be the case but it is hard to keep up.No wonder  some  people  opt to  take some diet supplements.   I have never tried using any diet pills even when I   got  heavier during my twenties.  I just  cut off from eating  fattening foods and did my share of workout.
I wonder how  TRIMSPA diet pills works?  Not that I am planning to try but  I just wonder because  I read some positive reviews about it.  I think that using weight loss pills such as the TRIMSPA diet supplements would be a nice option for those who doesn't have time  or physical ability to do  fitness workouts.  There are so many diet pills and other supplements in the market so choosing which one would work for you would be very challenging. 

This post reminds me of the mini date  that hubby and I  had last Monday. He took a day off so we could have some time together  while the kids were  in school.  We  went to the Fitness area of the  mall and  look for the price of  the treadmill and the elliptical.  I badly need one as I could  not do my runs outside anymore due to  cold weather.  I am hoping that the price would go down after the holiday.  I really need to  get back to my cardio  workout.  Ever since my treadmill broke, I have been doing  just  small workout with my DVDs but I am getting  bored  about it.  I miss running and I miss being outdoors.  Physical fitness is one priority that both hubby and I focuses on.  We want to be  healthy for the kids, we want to  be around even  when they are older.

3 Smart Readers SAID::

Franc said...

The holiday is not an excuse not to be fit. This is why I still do my runs despite the season.

Jhady said...

wow sis, I think if I do what you did on the picture. I might crack my hips ha ha. Good job on keeping yourself fit. I miss doing my zumba, I plan on doing it next year.

Dhemz said...

way to go!

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