Friday, December 20, 2013

Loveseat Slip Cover

We bought our couch and love-seat when we  bought our house 7 years ago.  It is getting worn out  especially that our son love to jump in it.  My husband wants to buy  a new set but I am kind of  holding off to it as it still in good condition and the budget is also my concern.  .  I have been saving  some amount every pay but it is still not enough.  As you can see in the photo, I am using some of our mink blankets to cover it as I don't have slip cover yet.  

I tried looking for some slip cover in the mall but I  am not sure what size to get.  Lucky, I have seen   Slip Covers from a friend's blog.   I got curious so I visited the website and found a great selection of ready-made slip covers  for love seat, chair and sofa.  They also have custom made slip covers for any furniture.    Observe the difference of the  before and after photos below after  slip covers from them are used to the  chair/love seat.  
Hopefully I could get  a couple   of their slip covers so  my  couch and love seat would have a different look  this coming new year.  I love their  Suede Camel  Furniture Slipcover which cost &109  originally but it is on sale for $59.  I like it that you can checkout with  either card or  with your paypal.  I really have to  get  one fir my love seat and one for our couch to  give this a whole new look.  I wish Santa would be able to read this post and  bring me what I am wishing for hehehe.  

Speaking of Santa, are you guys all ready for Christmas?  I have finished wrapping gifts this morning,.  I wanted to finish it since today was my children's last day  in school and it would be hard for me to sneak out undetected by these two detective-like kids.

4 Smart Readers SAID::

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

Though you don't have a slip up cover yet - I personally think the one you are using is good - haha I mean, it looks so comfy kasi

MzBaker said...

That slip cover looks really comfy and soft!

Franc said...

The seat cover makes the sofa looks new again.

sus20 said...

I need one very much the same style arms etc & they're hard to find. Mines for a sleeper loveseat. Can you send me your friends blog or website. I'd appreciate it. I've been looking for over 2 years. Haiosuzie@ thank you!

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